Sunday, April 26, 2009

well never mind, I ended up buying the sony and it works surprisingly well and is fast enough after updating it to the newest software version.

Sadly I could only get it in silver = reflects shiny things and not in dark blue, but already filled it up with 20 novels...

Basically a nice mixtures of Alexandre Dumas, Jack London, Oscar Wilde and Jules Verne.

The biggest difference to a book? It seems to read a bit slower and you have no real feeling of progress. Like switching pages and seeing were you are in a book.


Why did I buy it?

  • cheaper than the kindle 2 by 150$
  • i don't need space for 2k books on a reader, 10 - 15 books is all I need and I can always pop sd cards in it
  • it comes with a cover
  • i don't really like the kindle layout
  • supposed to be more stable
  • speed is fast enough, as long as the books are not pdf's
  • not planning on buying books in the next 5 month

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