Sunday, May 30, 2010

Day 10 - 4wheeling in St George

today I decided to take a rest from riding and winn and his family were so nice to let me tryout one of there 4Wheeler/Quad, which turned out to be a lot of fun, very intimidating and kinda hard.

the rest of the day is going to be a bbq and tomorrow it's off to zion and maybe the grand canon north rim.

We also ended up burning some woods in the evening, which is quite a spectacular sight

day 9 - Bryce canyon to St. George Utah and meeting some new friends.

after another cold night in the tent I drove the last 2 miles to the park entrance, paid my 80$ fee for a national pass and parked the bike at sunrise point. Were I promptly encountered a person who managed to packed more stuff than me on a bike.

jasmine looks rather tiny next to the packed up 2008 KTM Dakkar. And the proud owner happily announced that he traveled from new jersey over 10k miles so far. I shall do the same, once I get a bike with a 5-6 gallon gas tank.

Anyway some picture from sunrise point, it was not that impressive.

but quite a view. Afterward I moved on too sunset point and went for a small 2 mile hike there and got some truly stunning pictures.

I even managed to run into some new friends at the sunset points and we took off to a ride together and they showed me some parts of utah I would not had seen otherwise.

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partly the roads were in pretty bad condition and so not that safe to begin with. But we managed all right and I was invited to spend the weekend with one and his family, which turns out to be a great weekend.

It also turned out that he has 14 different bikes... And his garage was quite a sight.

they even adjusted my new chain quick, since it got a bit loose after being just installed.

day 8 -> salt lake city to capital reef national park to bryce canon

the 8th day of my trip started with me packing up the bike and getting on the 15 Southbound till hitting the 5o East. This was rather boring, except for me battle against 50mph winds from time to time. Short quite exhaustive. But Utah is truly a beautiful state and so much nicer than Nevada or dare I say it? California

When I finally got onto the 70 it got so much worse that I took the 71 to the 24 to the capital reef national park Which was just plain stunning.

after spending several hours at this national park I continued on the route 12, one amazing street to take the motorcycle on and me having way to much fun on the curvy roads and crossing summits of up to 10000 feet. Short I was truly happy, till I arrived at 9.30pm at the Bryce canyon national park and made camp there.

For dinner we had canned chicken and macaronis cooked in chicken broth. Nutritious, but not that tasty at all...

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