Thursday, January 27, 2011

a manly day, here at our place.

So we decided to fixup the cars and to get rid of some of the leakage issues with the benz and the pathfinder.

pathfinder to the left, 72 benz to the right

The first task of the day was to tackle the leaking gas tank on the benz and to replace some connectors. Needless to say we had to drive 3 times to the store to finally get the right part for this job and to drain as much gas as possible. Since the lowest gas pickup was leaking.
The actual work was rather simple and only involved removing a couple of clamps, putting a new hose over the leaking fuel-line and getting the fuel-line back into the gas tank.

Now the pathfinder:

  • check differential fluid
  • check transmission fluid
  • do oilchange

the oilfilter, nissan what were you thinking
 Now after I have done 2 oil changes on this car I'm still frustrated that the oil filter is in a position, where is splatters oil all over the lower car body during the replacement. Wasn't there a better way to place it?

getting the car level
 To check the transmission fluid, the car needs to be perfectly level...

jack stands to the rescue
Looks scary? Not at all, the car is actually supported by the jack stands left and right and not by the jack in the middle. I only put the wood below the differential to distribute the weight over a larger surface while jacking it up.
So mum no reason to get nervous! The jack stands are rated at 4 Ton's and the car is 1.8 tons.