Saturday, September 11, 2010

project for today was to install the mirror extenders on the Suzuki to increase the field of view and reduce wind noises

and to finally finish the skid plate installation, which only took 7 days and me being stupid managed to slightly strip a bolt...

the next steps are going to lower the pegs by 1 1/2" and my most ambitions project yet, to replace the front springs.

our small paradise, the kittchen with the newest toy. An Rancilio Silvia with a Barratza Vario for my coffee needs.

after being 6 years without a personal coffee machine, I finally have an espresso machine again and reading now 'The art to a perfect espresso' AKA

As you can see there is also a DeLonghi Magnifica right next to the Rancilio, which uses the same coffee, so it permits me to compare my manually pulled shots to the 'one button make everybody happy solution.

Current progress:

I can pull shots, which taste significantly better than the DeLonghi to me, but during blind tests with my roommates we came to agree that the DeLonghi is sweeter and more consistent. But the lattes from the Silvia are several classes better and much milder.

Time to practice...

I'm finally finished decorating my room, getting all the furniture to make as much as possible out of this tiny space and rearranging everything several times.

All together makes me actually quite happy and the room looks rather nice.

bed and stereo + red breadbox with cd's

bed and little box of stuff as sidetable

bed, stereo and whiskey collection