Tuesday, September 04, 2012

A new Toy...

After we put the Dog kennel together last weekend and the week before assembled the TV mount, I decided we need yet another tool. A decent miter/power saw to speed up this progress a bit. Using a handsaw just takes to long.

So today we went out shopping and got a new 10" Saw for 165$ instead of 450$. Because it was on sale and a part was missing from it. A simple wrench to adjust the blade, which turned out to be a 10mm Socket wrench. I got about 4 of them already, so not to worried about it.

Dewalt 10" Compound Miter saw,

Now I just need to create a plan to build the puppy house and get the wood.

Meeting in Hawaii

For the last couple of years now I wanted to travel to the state of Hawaii and thanks to a recent meeting I was finally able todo so and spend 5 days there.

Sadly I had not that much time to explore the things I wanted todo and forgot my contact lenes back in california. So not surfing/windsurfing or scuba diving for me.

So besides all the meetings to attend, developing quick software solutions on the fly and enjoying some great food. I did have time to take some pictures.

delicious oysters
one of these countless turtles of the area
the beach in front of our house
So Hawaii is definately quite nice and I do want to go back there sometime in the future, but I'm happy I didn't follow the standard stereotyp and got married or spend my honeymoon there.