Sunday, November 27, 2011

2012 camaro ss2 - 6.2L 426-hp V8 engine

while we were in Vegas it happened to be that Robins dad joined us and rented a car for the drive from sacramento to vegas and back. After all it's roughly 1200 miles round trip and you would expect that you take a car like our trusty little 2007 corolla.

Not so by Robin's dad, he rented a 2011 camaro SS2 convertible with just a touch over 426hp and 6.2L engine. Yes it did not do as well gas wise as our corolla, but it was way more fun to drive and definately put a grin or two on our face, till you hit a curve and noticed at once that all these  3860   lbs (1750kg) are trying to keep going straight.

Needless to say I was like always the responsible grownup I am and promptly tested if it can really hit 0-60mph in 4.6 seconds. Or how much it takes to make it spin out (I did not succeed...) Or how much fun it actually is.

My statements

  1. it is fast, but doesn't feel fast, a 2011 WRX is way more fun
  2. it's so fat, it doesn't like to turn and does not feel nimble in any way
  3. convertible's are fun and I loved the feeling of the wind
  4. 40k for this car are way to much, the interior is so incredible cheap. Hard-plastic is everywhere
  5. it takes forever to unfold the roof and you have to keep the button pressed all the time
  6. parking is impossible, the doors are so high. I was literally not able to see the curbs
  7. the tip-tronic is an abomination and shifts incredible rough. It's fine but not great in automatic mode. But the manual mode is pointless and I gave up and stuck to the automatic mode
  8. the heads-up display is cool, but the limited angles render it kind pointless
  9. sound system is blah

Now the wife'y statements

yip she looks good in it.

  • convertibles are fun
  • I want a mustang
  • it feels really heavy
  • I want a mustang
  • parking is terrible
  • I'm scared of the tip-tronic and leave it in manual
  • I want a mustang
  • I don't know if I can wait 5 years till I can buy a mustang convertible (we have an agreement that we each are allowed to buy a nice car between 30 and 31)

it's getting christmassy? here...

well today I was running around to find a nice little advents crown (Adventskranz) and to my shock I could not find one anywhere. But since I watched my mum for years building these by her own, I decided. Hey I can do this too and so off I go to different stores and buy all the required ordainment's, green pointy tree branches, candles and smelly stuff of different kind and went to work.

and put and tied this all together. Not to bad for my first homemade advents crown ever.

Since this can't stand alone I also needed to get some basic first advents ingredients like 'Gluehwein' (mulled wine), domino stones, marzipan stollen and round cookies covered in chocolate. Not to forget, you also need the standard little snowman's, from Lindt. To give us the illusion of having snow here.