Sunday, January 17, 2010

after we spend this weekend In yosomete I learned a couple of things.
  • snow camping didn't work, since my sleeping bag was to cold and also ashley's spare sleeping bag. So we rented a cabin
  • snowshoeing didn't work out, since there was not enough snow at our altitude. Guess we have to go to higher altitude. Instead we did a nice hike
  • we had a wounderful time together and celebrated our return to davis with a tasty dinner and a bottle of cabernet. Once in a while I actually like dry cabernet.
  • sleeping bag liner don't work for me
  • my food planning worked well and I love my little camp stove
So what do we have to change for the next time?
  • buy a new backpack, mine is more or less gone now and rips everywhere. After all it lasted 6 years and traveled over 100k miles on airplanes
  • buy a -5 celsius rated sleeping bag for the next winter. It's gonna be pricey and will take a year to acquire