Wednesday, May 26, 2010

day 3/4/5 sacramento -> lahontan nv -> salt lake city utah

since my first attempt did not work out that well I tried to ride the 80 till I can pass it and than camp somwere in Nevada.

Well the first part was rather cold and I keep asking my self for the reason of spending close to 1000$ on summer leathers, when I cover my self the whole time in my rain jacket and pants to block the wind. Slightly frustrating.

After I passed tahoe and enjoyed some beautiful sights up there

I managed to find a small spot in Nevada where I can spend the night. And it was rather beautiful lake in the middle of the desert. Were a couple invited me to stay on there site so I don't have to pay any fees for camping. All I had todo was to offer them some nutella!

on the next day I packed my stuff in the morning after being awoken by gulls and the wind to proceed to utah.
Originally I intended to camp at fort churchill, but since I was not able to pass sonora pass 3 days ago, well my plans got slightly mixed up and I needed to make some time. So I drove down americas loniest highway, the 50 and boy it is lonely. Hours on hours nothing but snow capped mountains and once in a while a semi or other car, My tires are actually flat in a part now instead of round. Its not a bad thing, just frustrating since It means I need to replace them sooner.

the gas stations also turned out to be far and in between and not up to my usual standards. Like selling only diesel and low rated gasoline, which forced me to turn around once to find another way. The gas tank is just to small on the R6 and it might not be the best touring bike after all. Also an airforce station were I stopped refused to help me out with some fuels and made quite clear that I should move on.

Once I crossed into utah, I managed to stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Famous for there speed testing
purpose and used in many movies like 'The last Indian'.

 I resisted and did not test the max speed of the R6, but it was tempting as several people around me did in there cars.

afterward I moved on to the hotel and checked in and calling it a night.

Oh before I stopped for the night, my bike started to make a weird noise from the back wheel and I dropped it off at the mechanic today to see what it is. The diagnose was that I need a new chain and that mine has a tight spot and is worn down to it limits. So I told them to replace it and an hour later they came back and appologized that they have non in stock, but can get one till monday. Which didn't work for me. So they lubricated it the best they could and send me my way and assured me that it should last another 2000 miles without breaking.

Well makes me kinda nervous, since the consequences of a broken chain can be from annoying and stranded on the road, to a shredded engine casing or worse locking the rear wheel and causing a crash. Maybe I can find a chain at a motorcycle tomorrow and get it installed by the dealer. But I kinda doubt it. Sadly I don't have a choice at this point and now need to decide if I go back to davis directly or continue with my trip.

the trip of the last 3 days:

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