Tuesday, November 06, 2012

can't sleep...

so for some reason I'm so busy with work and all my little projects recently that I can't really sleep and wind down or relax.

So I started a late night/midnight project called building a workbench top with only the use of classic hand tools  Which I collected over the years.

Also I'm using mostly scrap wood that is highly bowed, warped and twisted. Just to make it more of a challenge...

jointing the 2x2x96" studs 
gluing the studs and leaving some space for 'dog holes' 
planning the top to get it somewhat level
So the basic idea is to get some support in the future for cutting mortises, tenons and other stuff. Still need to somehow figure out how to build a vise.

Cutting mortise and tenon joints

recently the work on the doghouse slowed down a bit, since for the love of it I could not figure out how to create the roofing support.

Now after reading a couple of more books about this topic I came to the conclusion that I will need a couple of joints for this.

  • a couple mortise/tenon joint
  • a couple half lap joints
  • a bunch of birdmouth joints
So the first step is right now to create the mortises for our tenons and settled on using a drill press as the best possible method, with some help from my chisels to square them up.

after measuring the proportions we remove the waste

square it up with a chisel

fit it slightly loose to leave a bit of space for the glue later

Now I only have to make 15 more and than start working on the lap joints to make the corners fit.