Friday, June 15, 2012

Honeymoon - Part 1 Barcelona

so after a year of planning we finally started our honeymoon a bit over 36h ago. Needless to say we both are kinda unhappy to leave Davis right now, since we don't want to be without our little puppies and being in the final stages of buying our first home.

 But what can you do? close to 20h of jumping from airplane to airplane and paying for overpriced and terrible airport food we arrived in Barcelona and explored the city for a bit. Well at least till we found a little Tapas bar.

A bunch of food later, we headed back home to the hotel and took a 'short' nap. Sorry no pics, since I forgot the camera...

...needless to say we slept for over 12 hours and woke up at 4am in the morning, complaining about a stiff back and being terrible hungry. But nothing is open, so we wait a terrible 3 hours till the little hotel restaurant opens.

So it's 7am and there are literally about two dozen people in line of the restaurant and I just didn't feel like waiting around and running for the buffet. Somehow I believe eating should be an enjoyful and relaxing experience.

Which means we moved out and found a tiny little hole in the wall kind restaurant. That had amazing coffee, great sandwiches and fresh pressed orange juice. So I was happy, but I still have no camera with me...

About 3 hours later we start walking around and exploring Barcelona a bit. Basically we really wanted to see the Picasso museum (Robin) and try the food (Me). I even brought a camera this time.

Needless to say, we got hungry again and stopped at a little tapas bar for sangria and tapas.


 Which was rather tasty and gave us the opportunity to try new foods and relax a bit. After all we are americans and don't know anymore how to walk...  

 One of the first things we noticed here, was that there are literally more scooters and motorcycles than cars and they are parked everywhere. And I think Robin got slightly annoyed about me pointing out Ducatie's and Aprillias. But hey they are so gorgeous...


Now one of the things we really like about Barcelona is all these little side streets and tiny shops everywhere. It's just so different from the overrun and huge malls in america.

 And last, but not least a picture of my gorgeous and rather happy looking wife.


I do apologize for the pictures, which are slightly out of focus. I guess my camera starts to show it's age and that it has taken over 100k pictures by now and somehow back focusses quite a bit. Also I took on the challenge to only bring one lens on this trip and decided on a 35mm F/2. Which is rather limiting and I wish I had a 21mm lens instead...

Friday, June 08, 2012

Finally got a Roomba

After our last coding and more contact got paid in full and Robin was complaining about how much the dog shed by now and that we are constantly vacuuming and washing the floors to keep up with them. I decided to surprise her and get a little Roomba to help with the vacuuming.

Especially since our new place also has tiles, which means it should work rather well.

Now after taking delivery of the roomba a couple of days ago. I have to say I'm really impressed by it and it just works as it's supposed to. You define a schedule and leave it alone. Everything is getting taken care of by itself. Also the noise level is not that bad, but it is a touch slow.

It takes ca 30-60 minutes to vacuum the whole place, but since we don't have to do it? who cares!

And in action,