Saturday, October 08, 2016

Blackberry Mead

Over the last year and half we started to switch a bit over from beers, to making mead at our little house.

A simple, easy and flavor full mead.

Amount is ca 1 Gallon
primary fermentation: 6 months
secondary fermentation: 7-10 days.


3 lbs of orange blossom honey
dilute in warm water
transfer to a 1 gallon sanitized Fermenter
cool to room temperature
pitch yeast, recommended champagne or other high fermenting yeast
put the airlock on it and store in a dark cold place for like 6 months


move mead from primary to secondary fermentation, without disturbing the yeast
add 2 cups of frozen blackberries
put the airlock on and store in a dark cold place for up to 10 days, it might be necessary to push down the berries every day, if they float to the top of the Fermenter.

After secondary finishes, filter the mead and transfer to high pressure campaign bottles or store in a growler in the fridge.

estimated alcohol content, depending on the chosen honey ~20 by volume.