Friday, September 04, 2009

I was this time at the 17 mile drive during a beautiful day with not a cloud in the sky so I decide to take some pictures which are not that common. I mean every one has a picture of the lone cypress these days...

The first picture is off a beautiful young artist who tries to show off the USA with big cowboy boots, sitting in the back of a truck and painting. Hell dog was running around somewhere and refused to get in the picture...

The second picture is just a couple of waves breaking on the shore

now since I'm back from germany since a week and even got a new visa (just another year, grummel) it's time to update this little blog.

So I arrived after a 'fun' 18h flight in san francisco and got picked up by Ashley and continue driving to Carmel. Where we spend the weekend with her family barbecuing, hitting balls on the driving range and driving down the 17 miles drive and next time I will take the bike with me.

Yes I was playing golf in carmel and It's impressive how bad I am at this sport. Just as a teaser here is a picture taken from her grandmothers patio.

The rest of this week I spend with working, studying some development techniques and rock climbing. Currently I basically go every day during lunch to the gym and climb for 40-50 minutes one and the same route in the hope to able to master it sometime soon. Now I'm only missing 10 inches till I reach the top, damn slanted walls and gravity.

Tomorrow morning we will go to twain hart and spend the weekend there reading and maybe hiking a bit. Not sure yet. I just want to relax.