Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Day 12 - Death valley

after the drive from vegas I was finally on my nearly last destination for the trip. Death Valley California/Nevada and it took me only 6 years to get there. Even after everybody told me don't do it. Do it with a couple of friends. Take a jeep or so and not a motorcycle.

Anyway here I am and I love this place. Sure it's a touch warm. Just a bit over 43 Ceslisus/109 Fahrenheit and not much cooler at night time.

So I spend close to 2 days here and enjoyed every minute. Not so much scotties castle

but the sand dunes were truly stunning and fun to walk throw.

maybe a touch warm in my leather outfit. But than protection first and at least I didn't get sunburned, except for a tiny spot between the jacket and gloves... Anyway.
The next step was than to go toward the famous 'bad water' part, which is the lowest point in the united states at a bit over 300F below sea level.
And it is obvious why it's called bad water. Such a high salt concentration and mostly dried out.

and so we left this area, after playing catch with a couple of goldwings and harleys. Well it was not truly a challenge, but the roads in this park are amazing. So curvy and just recently redone. Short I'm glad I had a motorcycle and not a jeep.Besides the part that I could not go to the most parts of the parks. I tried togo down a couple of unpaved roads, but changed my mind rather quickly...

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over all I had to refill 3 times in death valley. Which accounts to roughly 300 miles of driving in the park.

Now the plan for today was actually to go to the joshya tree park in southern california. But I changed and searching for a nice campground near a creek and read the next 2 days and relax, before I meetup with Ashley in Twain Harte to enjoy a nice weekend there.