Monday, August 16, 2010

So the new bike was picked it up in Santa Maria on Saturday afternoon and while driving it home I promptly low sided in the last turn. Arg a couple of scratches in the fairing, a bend handlebar and a shot signal is the damage so far.

Damage to me?

  • hurt feelings
  • sprained wrist
  • scratched helmet -> already bought a new one
At least I could get my hands dirty and put it back together and it sits now in the driveway, waiting for parts to arrive and to be fixed up.

Now what todo to it in the next 6 month?

  • crash bars ~150
  • skid plate ~200
  • semi off road tires ~350
  • steering stabilizer ~ 400
  • wiring in a couple of 12V plugs for heated gear and IPhone ~50
  • heated jacket liner ~150
  • springs for my weight ~100
  • race tech emulators ~150
  • windscreen for my size ~150
  • tourmaster transition2 jacket ~200 (I owned 3 jackets of this kind and keep coming back to it)
  • sheepskin seat cover ~50
so about 1700$ worth of extras to make it ready for my trip next summer.

Pictures coming soon...