Wednesday, December 29, 2010

back in Davis after a wonderful trip down south, full of joy and laughter. Life just seems perfect during these rare moments.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

I think next year I will finally build up the courage and make this dish.

My mum gave me a cookbook 'Born to Cook' a couple of years ago and I always wanted todo this, but was to afraid. Now after giving a talk tonight about changing your behavorial pattern from

I can't do this
When can I do this and how can I archive this

I decided it's time for me to man up and try to make this dish. In the worst case I will really bad for a couple of days. And It's one of my favorite dishes to begin with.

What are I'm talking about?

Grav Lax

Yay christmas gifts, also referred as 'truffel mania'

yes these are 2 x 120 chocolate truffles, as a size reference, it's a 13" mac book with a full sized keyboard next to it.

Thanks mum and dad :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

after being back from Washington DC, I finally found a moment of peace, not disrupted by work or other regards.

the lincoln memorial

the reflection pool, with the washington memorial at the end

the washington memorial

the white house

Monday, December 13, 2010

this post is for a change not motorcycle or car trouble related. I know I know it's a rare event. This time it's about the third standard topic of mine.

Travelling and taking pictures.

So currently I'm in Washington DC and it does not really agree with me and being spoiled by californian weather. It's basically cold (25F/-4F) and slightly snowing.

So I've been walking around a bit and looking at DC in the dark. 5 Minutes into the walk the GPS was out of battery and I was randomly discovering things and searching for a hotel. 4 something hours later I caved in and payed 100$ for a night at the 'comfort inn' after getting quotes for 150$, 200$ and 400$.

Well I ended up with some pictures, but they were all taking at ISO 3200, so they are rather noisy and the camera shows it's age a bit. Compared to it's more modern brothers. One day I gonna have a D700 and a small portable camera.

capitol at night

christmas tree in front of the capitol

smithsonian institute

institute of agriculture

washington memorial

national press building

I also tried to avoid to create the standard pictures of these building, which you can see on every postcard.