Tuesday, May 21, 2013

restoring antique tools

The little plane was feeling lonely..

so during a visit to an antique store I picked up some bigger plans. A No.3, 2xNo.5 and No.6 handplane, which need a lot of work to shine again, since they are about 50-100 years old

using electrolysis to remove the rust from the first cap iron and polishing it a bit. 
since all the handles are broken/ugly it is time to use a couple of rasps and carve/file new ones from mahogany.

first handle is done, now we need to do 4 more and also 4 knobs.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Building a vise...

Since I still don't have a woodworking vise, I put it into my mind to just build one, from some wood I had laying around.

My tiny plane is a bit small to smooth about 36" inches wide jaws, after prepping them with my 15$ Jackplane 

Slowly getting better with using a handsaw. Still long ways to gogo to get it perfect

But sadly the stupid oak split after assembly, so it' yet again back to the drawing board

Thats were I roughly want to end up with.

Thats what we got so far after the latest frustration were off