Thursday, August 23, 2012

Home improvement - Part 1 - creating a TV mount

Once upon a time, there were a certain kind of TV's around. They were called Cathode Ray Tube or short CRT TV's and they were big, no let's say huge and very very heavy.

They also had very interesting dimension and were sold till about 2005 and were replaced by LCD TV's around 2000.

Sadly our house was build in 1999, which provides a little cubical to put your CRT TV in, which is exactly 2 inches to narrow to fit our 42" LCD TV. And these days 42" is not even considered large.

before we got started. That is how it looks. 
our 1.5 x 1.5 inch side bars, after drilling holes for our mounting screws. There job is to hold our support bars later

apparently one of these anchors hold 75 lbs, to be sure I installed 5 on each side 
since I'm german I love precision. It's more or less perfectly level 
now the support bars are mounted to the side bars, with 6 screws each  
1/2 inch MDF plating to make it look nicer, but still looks a bit plain. But at least we drilled a hole to route our cables

after painting and filling in parts with putty, it starts to look nice 
and finally the TV is mounted and looks quite nice and seems to hold so far.
I also think that's the first woodworking project I ever finished from beginning to end. Only thing I'd like to change is to move the TV half an inch back. The proportions seems to be slightly off, looking at it from the side.