Friday, June 10, 2016

Camping at Salt Point

Ever since buying Rocky the trailer, we wanted to go camping to some spots at the coast and take pictures there. Sadly half the time so far, the camera didn't work or I forgot it at home or I forgot the tripod or any other million things went wrong.

Anyway, now we finally managed to get away for a couple of days and head direction Salt Point using the route 1 North.

Which is a beautiful drive, but rather tedious with the jeep and trailer, coming in around 9000lbs and 32 Feet length ( roughly 10 meters) in comparison to the Porsche at less than 3000lbs, which we took to Point Arena (which is north of Salt Point) a while back.

beautiful curvy roads, steep cliffs and working breaks are a wonderful combination

And we went part of the trip off road, due to a navigational error, called trusting your GPS. Not something I would want todo under any circumstances ever... Needless to say, I was happy we didn't bend or break an axle and driving 4 miles, in about one hour time was a new record.

Since it was a bit colder up there, this pups finally got a chance to test their new traveling beds, it's amazing what you need to bring these days for a successful camping trip, to ensure everybody is comfortable.

could I have a blanket please?

usual slightly depressing north coast weather up here
really regretting that I sold my macro lens about right now again