Wednesday, April 27, 2011 addicted

recently I discovered the service. Which is a different form of ebay and trying to use this system to get some nice deals on several gift cards to make some money and ease the shopping pain.
Like always it comes with a steep learning phase, but I'm making progress. Currently I'm 10$ up after an initial investment of 87$.

I still need to work on my strategie, but I'm starting to getting the hang of it. The best part is. I can just use the gift cards to pay for grocery and clothing and don't have to bother with craigslist to sell the stuff I don't need or desire again.

breakdown of the experiment after 2 days:

Rangefinder: 125$ (177$ value)
Toaster: 0.12$ (49$ value)
Gift Card: 0.31 (25$ value)
Memory Card: 0.74$ (44$ value)

property: 125.17$ paid
value: 295$ worth
bids: 147$ paid

total saving: ~23$

lesson: competition for high priced toys is to high. Stick to giftcards, they are much better return of investments. Well I wanted a rangefinder for the range since a while. So I will try next month todo better and not get carried away.