Monday, May 24, 2010

day two: twain harte -> mason valley

dy two started with me leaving from twain harte, taking the 108 east towards sonora pass, passing pine crest (6000 Feet elevation and surrounded by snow), driving throw a Hail Storm and a Snow Shower... Just to find out that the last 24 miles into nevada, well the highway was closed off there. And my research did not discover these prior. I always read 'might be closed', but this sign:

so it was time for a de tour. Happy Pathfinder I am I already had a backup lined up and happiliy proceeded towards this, throw the hail and snow again just to find out, that the highway 4 pass is closed too.

At this point I turned around and drove back to sacramento.


miles driven: 501
miles progress: 11

but having a wonderful weekend makes more than up for it.