Sunday, October 04, 2009

in the last 62 month I've been on more airplanes than I ever though possible or wanted to be. Which included me staying at a lot of different airports and so I write down which ones are great, good or to be avoided at all costs.

The scale:

awesome - I was completely blown away
good - nothing really to complain about
indefferent - I don't really care
acceptable - minor issues, but ok
awful - never ever again

let's see

sacramento = acceptable
  • diners/bars close to early
  • check in is extremely slow
  • free wifi
san francisco = good
  • best airport food
  • if you don't fly united, than great and quick check ins
  • some more signs would be great
  • lot's of bars to choose from
  • slow customs/immigrations
chicago = indifferent
  • great architecture
  • slow customs/immigrations
  • food is ok
portland = awesome
  • extremely quick customs and immigrations, all done under 5 minutes
  • good bars
  • enough signs
los angeles = awful, avoid at all cost
  • directions are awful
  • extremely long in immigrations
  • friendly personal
  • impossible layout
  • bars close before 9pm
  • good clothing stores
ontario = indifferent
  • it's been so long since I've been there, can't even recal good or bad things
charles de gaule, paris = indifferent
  • slightly chaotic
  • frustrating layout
frankfurt am main = indifferent
  • frustrating layout
  • fast customs
  • quickish immigration
helsinki = acceptable
  • slightly chaotic
kopenhagen = good
  • great food
  • pricey
  • lot's of light
  • decent layout
berlin, tegel = acceptable
  • long checkin times
  • confusing layout
washington, dc = indifferent
amsterdam = indifferent
london heathrow = good
  • very good directions
  • lots of walking
  • nice shops and food
  • friendly personal