Monday, November 08, 2010

it's cold,
it's rainy,
there are down poors,
snow is falling in Tahoe

I'm nice and warm in my 'new' pathfinder.

Yes it has a couple of miles on it's engine (170k)
yes it's a bit older (1997)
yes it has a dent here or a scratch there and it's not perfect

but it's mine
and I drove one before and it was reliable
everybody I know, who has a pathfinder is happy with it
it has 4WD and so brings me to the snow
it is big enough, so I can move my stuff to Canada, If I move there
it was so cheap, It was a bit more expensive than winter gear for the bike
I only expect to put 5-10k miles on it in the next year
It should be easy to sell for a bit less what I bought it for

it has a new timing belt
it has a new clutch
it has a new alternator
it has new tires
it has new brakes
it has a new windshield
it has a new battery
it has a manual transmission, so no automatic high mileage problems
it has complete maintenance records for all the years

sure there are some minor annoyances
the valve cover gasket is seeping a tiny bit oil
it's going to take a weekend to fix this, if I bother with this
i need to flush the transmission oil,
it's gonna take an hour or two

it needed new wind shield wipers,
20$ and 5 minutes took care of this