Saturday, December 25, 2010

I think next year I will finally build up the courage and make this dish.

My mum gave me a cookbook 'Born to Cook' a couple of years ago and I always wanted todo this, but was to afraid. Now after giving a talk tonight about changing your behavorial pattern from

I can't do this
When can I do this and how can I archive this

I decided it's time for me to man up and try to make this dish. In the worst case I will really bad for a couple of days. And It's one of my favorite dishes to begin with.

What are I'm talking about?

Grav Lax

Yay christmas gifts, also referred as 'truffel mania'

yes these are 2 x 120 chocolate truffles, as a size reference, it's a 13" mac book with a full sized keyboard next to it.

Thanks mum and dad :)