Thursday, April 05, 2012

A growing family...

people who followed me on twitter or facebook or had to spend time with me in the office. Knows by now that our little family of 3 (robin aka wifey, gert aka hubby, mojito aka stinky aka guinea pig aka mo) numbers 5 now.

What changed? Well we got us two absolutely adorable 8 weeks old black labrador puppies (basil and rosemary), which are happily tearing up the place. And do not listen at all...

rosi sleeping, while basil is awake for once

the most peaceful moments are when they are sleeping, which gladly is a lot right now

currently working more form home, since they can't be left alone...

where ever we are, they are. They do not like to be left alone at all.
Now as far as we can tell so far, it's not gonna be easy to train them. Since they are in separately. Where one is, is the other and they basically follow us anywhere.

The biggest issue so far, how do you teach a puppy a name, if there is always another one close by. And how to get them to the point that they say something, when they have to pee.