Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back from camping and finally we got a couch...

Two weekends ago we took our little summer trip and went camping for a couple of days. Nothing big, just 3 days of relaxing and doing nothing, but reading 'The legend of Drizzt' or in other words, the Forgotten Realms series, which spanned several of my favorite computer games of all times. I'm actually playing baldurs gate again, when I can't sleep. But this is another topic all together.

the area around Black Butte Lake

making some dinner

our little family, just being happy
Since we have been going camping rather regularity over the last 2+ years now and average between 3-4 trips a year. We are actually starting to talk about buying a little Camping trailer to have some more comfort, like a shower and more space for all our stuff. Traveling with 2 dogs, turns out to require a lot of space and once kids come around, there is no way we can do this with the Jeep alone. But this is to be decided in a couple of years and just one of our crazy ideas. After all we still have to finish up our house.

Speaking off, we finally managed to decide on a couch for the living room and now just need a fitting table or ottoman to go with it.

Also we finally have an entertainment center, which turned out to be a compromise between buying one and me reinforcing the frame and cutting it out to support the weight of our system.

first couch I bought in my live...

wide angle lenses make our house look huge...

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Waiting for gras to grow...

after we finished tilling, leveling and seeding our right side of the lawn, we are now literally waiting for grass to grow. It should be all nice in green in 6-8 weeks from now.

So now we are focussing on the left side and improving the look of our planters.

slowly adding red mulch to the planters, to improve their look

We are also making progress with our little vegetable garden and hope to harvest some more things soon.

bell peppers are finally showing up

so do the cayennetta peppers

as our tomatoes. Well frankly we going to have hundreds of tomatoes in 3-4 weeks.
And start planning our winter garten and organizing some things, to make space for more veggies boxes...