Thursday, November 05, 2015

Adventure 3,

so after the last camping trip, which was kind of a drama with all the trouble with the hitch and the trailer.  We decided togo to Lake Camanche

Which kind of checks all our boxes, it's close by and easy to get too.
So looks good.

After reserving a pull through camping space, since we are still not so happy with backing the camper into narrow short spots, we thought all was perfect.

Well guess the people online gave us the wrong spot, which turned out rather different than expected. Apparently it was a tent campground with a car parking lot for 2 cars.

it was a bit tight, but basic geometry allowed us to fit into 2 spots somehow
Once we parked, and have everything setup, we started with our default tasks of making tasty food for dinner. I mean just because you are camping doesn't mean you can't have tasty food.

Meanwhile Rosie decided to be a queen bee and take over the camping chairs, while basil decided to be a spoiled brat and claim one of the beds, when no one was looking.

Sadly do to the drought, the lake was a bit dryer than expected.  Apparently lake Camanche lost over 60% of it's capacity in the last 2 years and the picture you see is supposed to be lake view.

all you are supposed to see is water, but sadly this seems to be missing due to ongoing drought conditions.

Sunday, August 09, 2015

adventures with rocky

So after close to 2 years of researching trailers, campers and possibilities. We decided to buy a medium size popup camper.

Since it's a 2015 Rockwood Premier, we decided to call it Rocky. It seemed a bit fitting after all.

playing a bit with light painting, after setting everything up

a nice orange tint to the picture, do to the wildfires a couple of miles away

puppy swimming

2 puppies swimming

playing some more with light painting

one deer

one deer and a baby deer

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Adventures in April

Latest adventures and stuff happening here in April/late March

found an efficient way cutting circuit boards after etching

started building a rose garden

realizing that my saw is just a bit small for 6" wide boards

visiting hog islands oyster farm

ordered more oysters than we could shuck. 100 were maybe a bit much

slowly starting to figure out how to shuck oysters and making progresss

enjoying the California country side a bit, but guess need another set of tires soon again.

basil is still adorable

finished the rose garden, now time to wait 10 years for roses and grapes to grow

Monday, March 02, 2015

first quarter of the year is over and what happened so

getting better with my circuit design and down to 0603 components. Sadly we got beaten by someone else to the market and I'm trying now to come up with some new ideas

managed to replace the screen on our iDrop 2, gladly it's now so old that new screens are literally 12$ a drop, so it's not that big of a deal anymore

basil is still trying to get away with being a puppy, never mind that he just turned 3. Rosie was not willing to have her picture posted. Apparently she is becoming a bit self conscious about her weight these days...

managed to spend a couple of days at my in-laws cabin

learned to make tuna tartar, which is rather delicious

our latest cider is finally ready for consumption, only took about 4 month for it to become clear

starting to become spring in our backyard

our 3 year old roomba, got some needed help in form of a little roomba who now mop's our floors once a day