Sunday, May 08, 2011

reception and ceremony planning

portals of the past
this weekend we took the opportunity to have another look at our venue and to start planning where to sit the guest, since the place is rather small. Smaller than we initially thought and so we will maybe have space for 10 chair.
Basically I'm trying to find the time now and make a 3D model of the whole area and see how this works out, since we wont have the possibility to test it with chairs.

Basically the path is only 3 yards wide and we need to have enough space for the bride to walk the aisle.

benches and makeshift table
Another Benefit is that there is a big green box, which we can cover over with a white table cloth for the champaign and maybe some crackers or water for the guest. Since we will be for 2 hours at this location after all.
And there are some benches too for people to sit and relax on and we can maybe incorporate this into the photography session.

Speaking of photography, this is one of the big unknowns right now. How to execute the shot, what has to be done and where are all the locations.

robin, smiling in front of the waterfall
Possible spots for this are:

  • the portal
  • the small spring/waterfall
  • walking up the at the lake
  • the benches

While taking pictures of the location and try to work out the details a heron landed a couple of steps from me and so I had to take a couple of pictures of these gigantic birds.

They are just such beautiful creatures and always so skittish and keep flying away. I do wish I had a camera/lens combination with a more precise and reliable autofocus. Since of about 50 pictures, only 3 where in focus.

And last but not a least a shot from the other side of the lake
Portals of the Past