Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm driving car's since years and never actually considered changing anything on them. As long as there running I'm happy.

Now with the motorcycle, well I got it since 2 weeks now and did already the first modification to it. I replaced the standard light bulbs with some fancy high lumen light bulbs. And boy what a difference these make, I'm finally able to see something on the highway at night and feel save driving on it.

So far defiantly the most rewarding 100$ I invested so far and cheaper than fixing a couple of broken bones, because I didn't see the pothole at 75mph.

I also know that I will install the same light bulbs in the next car I own, I'm just amazed at the difference. It's really light and day.

planned for 2010, taking the bike camping in yosomete and later yellowstone.

required setup?

Something to work on in the next 4 month while I get my riding skills up.


saddle bags