Tuesday, November 01, 2011

shopping and other stuff

so after Robin and I have been complaining since month's first about my ikea foam bed from 2006, how uncomfortable it is and how cramped it, we started to complain for a couple of month's about her all american springbox bed.

So we finally caved in and ordered a new bed, obviosuly in california king size to avoid the: 'you are taking up all the space' or 'stop elbowing me in the face' or 'every morning I trip over your feet, which hangout of the bed' issues.

So we really hope that:

72in × 84in
1.83 m × 2.13 m

is large enough for us and we can finally find some peace. This also meant that our old bed could move to the guest room, which is now not as empty anymore.

Let just hope that the upgrade from queen to california king was really worth it.

On an unrelated fact, I got a call from nissan that my car is due for a service recall and has to be dropped off at the dealer. So that they can check it for rusty suspension (front struts) mounts and...

  • redo the anti corrosion sealant
  • reinforce it with steel bars
  • replace the vehicle in case the damage is to progressed
They will also tell me that...
  • my oxygen sensor is broken
  • the valve covers are leaking
  • the knock sensor is going out
and that they offer me to fix it for 2-3k$...

which is all on my todo list to fix, once I have a weekend time and need to get the car smogged, otherwise It won't harm anything to leave it as it is. I mean I have done this all on the passat and the parts are like 200$, just a lot of labor.