Thursday, March 08, 2012

turning 30 -

well recently we discovered that my birthday is coming up this translates into me starting to be a grown up. And what better is there todo to celebrate a little bit with my amazing wife, who was in charge to provide me with an unforgettable birthday?

So first we only had a little dinner at a Restaurant down south, where there serve traditional  japanese cooked food and prepare it at your table. Needless to say it was great and tasty, but so much food.

Because of the current circumstances we decided to keep it all small and move my actual celebration by a couple of days.

When we came back home from the LA area, I was presented with a little table of gifts for me, including several whiskey glases, cologne , a book and a bottle of 18 years old scotch.

And yesterday the day has come were we celebrated my birthday with the way she intended too.

First I got a call and are supposed to be home by 3-pm for a so called 'outing', while driving to this outing Robin is calling a person called 'Candy' and I start wondering about the nature of this outing. As most people know, people with the name 'Candy' in the states are assumed to be strippers.

So it turns out that Candy is the Salesmanager at the local Porsche dealership and robin lined me up to testdrive a potential future car for me. A 987 Porsche Boxster S

since she knows I'm really into sport-scars and a 1-2 year old Boxster is actually financially possible in the next 2 years. I'm not saying responsible...
So we are getting the keys and driving it off the lot, just to get a call a couple of minutes later to please return the vehicle 'now'.
So we do and it turns out that they did not like the way I drove it. They didn't tell us what was wrong or what my mistake was or even asked us if we liked the car. They were just plain rude and borderline offensive.

Needless to say, we won't do any form of car shopping at there dealership in the future.

How did I drive?

- blibbing the throttle once or twice and looking for the point where the clutch engages
- carefully leave the lot in 2nd gear, at like 5-10mp, since I don't want to bottom out
- accelerate to about 5000rpm, roughly 55 miles an hour

- get called back, just as I see the first curve

So far everybody I told this does not understand the dealerships problem with it and can't figure out what there deal was. Our only idea is that they assume that we only wanted to take it for a joyride, but then why didn't they suggest to take the drive with me? We were both surprised that they offered us an unattended test drive.

Did I like the car?

I'd love to own this car with warranty (2011-2012 model), since its really comfortable and just makes me smile. Definitely the most fun car I ever had and reminds me a lot to the R6 I used to own. A touch pricey, but depending how the next year go's it should be not the big problem to provide a 50% downpayment. And finance the rest.

Continuing with the birthday plans

After leaving the dealership robin told me to get home and dress up a bit. And off we go to a nearby steakhouse were my closest friends here were waiting for me and took us out for a tasty dinner.

I even got lots and lots of gifts, mostly in form of a bottle to start a whiskey collection and to grow it over the next couple of years.

At the end of it, I can only say thank you to my wife and feel happy that she dries to make all my dreams come true, even in this difficult time.


She definitely succeeded in making me remember this Birthday for ever. For example how often can you say that you got kicked out of a Porsche Dealership on your Birthday...