Friday, March 26, 2010

oh my, my definatly favorite webpage is right now

I think the right term would be that I could go gaga about all these different mounting solutions. I wish I had known about this when I still had the pickup truck.

Now were can I find a store to play with all these things. I have no idea what I actually could use of this, but the self leveling cupholder is an act of genius.



eine meiner beliebtesten Webseiten ist momentan

da ich das Konzept einfach nur toll finde und wuenschte nur ich haette die Webseite gefunden als ich noch den Pickup hatte. Nun muss ich nur noch einen Laden finden, welcher die ganzen Module verfuegbar hat, so das ich damit herumspielen kann.

Besonderst den Selbstausrichtenen Becherhalter finde ich einfach nur toll.


my pathetic shaky first attempt with a way to high compression ratio...

and what is possible with this little camera, once you figure out where to mount it, how to mount it and have quite a good idea how you have to edit movies

the picture quality is pretty impressive for such a small camera, mounted on the tank at 40 miles and hour and also 80 mph looks good. Sure it's a bit grainy and there is quite a lot of purple fringing. But it's a 300$ camera with a plastic lens which can be replaced when dropped (5$) and not a 1k+ dslr.