Wednesday, August 05, 2009

while being on the roadtrip I also had the chance to snap some quick shots of friends and got some shots of me.

Nothing great, but some are nice.

Since we had not much time we only had a very brief visit to olympic mountain national park. This means we only looked at hurricane ridge and didn't make it to the actual rainforest.

Since it was also really hazy, there was not much what I could do picture wise, but got away with a couple of ok shots.

Long story short, I will go back there at a later point in time with a jeep.

the owl whisperer,

basically there was a school teacher who's part time job/hobby it is to keep track off all the owl's on this island and so we had the chance to see him work, since there were a couple of newborn owl in the backyard.

Baiscally these animals are hard to catch, keep fighting and won't shut up. They also have pretty sharp claws and beaks. So we had to 'rescue' him with band aid.

Sorry for the bad pictures, since I could not use a flash. I was limited to iso 3200 and F/2. I want a D700...

I'm an owl wrap, since I fight back and don't give up. Now where are my mice..

ready to be measured...

you are not supposed to ask a lady about her weight and putting me upside down is not cool...

you can find all the pictures in the Seattle galleria here

the night of saturday we spend at bainbrigde island, which was just gorgeous and beautiful. It finally gave me the chance to capture some macros and we were introduce to an owl whisperer.

day two was to drive to Seattle and to spend the night at bainbridge. And I immediately fell in love with Seattle.

  • lunch at a park
  • visit pikes market
  • walking around a park
  • visiting the museum for asian art -> not my art = boring
  • taking the ferry to bainbridge

Portland was defiantly the most relaxing town of our road trip. Since we spend the complete 1.5 days with

  • looking at head shops, no they don't sell hats as it turned out
  • testing white Russians
  • playing the worst game of pool in the history of portland
  • looking at fancy art in the Portland art museum, my highlight was defiantly the 'tattoo - the art of Portland' Not because of the tattoos, just some of the photographs were stunning.
  • being in one of the largest bookstores ever and promptly buying a book
  • having good food in the morning and excellent coffee
  • buying a tent at REI which we didn't end up using. I'm happy that I bought a cheap one, but will use it soon.
  • attending a comedy show in the evening, which had some excellent parts

the last 5 days I spend with traveling again. This time we conquered another 2 states of the USA, which means I drove now over 33% of the west coast states.

We originally planned to stay a couple of days in Portland, but since I was not to impressed with the city we quickly made a complete road trip out of it and checked out Seattle and Olympic mountain national park

  • thursday: redding,portland
  • friday: portland
  • saturday: seattle,bainbridge island
  • sunday: olympic mountain national park (border to canada)
  • montay: back to davis
in total we drove a bit over 2000 miles and fixie had no major issues, besides running her into a wall (my bumper is not happy) and taking a drift in the gravel, since a semi wanted to drive over me.
Lesson: do not be in the blind spot of a semi, it would had been his fault, but I doubt that a passat is stable enough to survive the impact of a 40+ ton truck