Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Portland was defiantly the most relaxing town of our road trip. Since we spend the complete 1.5 days with

  • looking at head shops, no they don't sell hats as it turned out
  • testing white Russians
  • playing the worst game of pool in the history of portland
  • looking at fancy art in the Portland art museum, my highlight was defiantly the 'tattoo - the art of Portland' Not because of the tattoos, just some of the photographs were stunning.
  • being in one of the largest bookstores ever and promptly buying a book
  • having good food in the morning and excellent coffee
  • buying a tent at REI which we didn't end up using. I'm happy that I bought a cheap one, but will use it soon.
  • attending a comedy show in the evening, which had some excellent parts

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