Thursday, January 06, 2011

grav lax - the finishing

this morning I happily awoke at 5.30 am to finish up the grav lax experiment and to make sure that I eat than and have a 12h contamination period, before I serve it guests.

So after 36h of waiting I took the salmon out of the fridge and it looked rather 'flat' and red. Maybe related to the 20 lbs of weights sitting on it?

than I went to honing my trusty slicer and filet knife, only to realize they are way to dull to make decent salmon cuts. Don't get me wrong there are really sharp, but the blade is just to thick to efficiently cut the salmon in a nice and proper way.

and this turned out to be my breakfast and finished product.

now the big question is, is it feasible todo this at home?

Well it is incredible tasty and I ended up with 2lbs of salmon after cutting. Which would cost around 120$ in the store. So yes it's much cheaper. Specially if I go with atlantic salmon next time, which cost about 8-9$ the pound instead of wild sockeye salmon which runs around 15$ the pound.