Sunday, November 27, 2011

it's getting christmassy? here...

well today I was running around to find a nice little advents crown (Adventskranz) and to my shock I could not find one anywhere. But since I watched my mum for years building these by her own, I decided. Hey I can do this too and so off I go to different stores and buy all the required ordainment's, green pointy tree branches, candles and smelly stuff of different kind and went to work.

and put and tied this all together. Not to bad for my first homemade advents crown ever.

Since this can't stand alone I also needed to get some basic first advents ingredients like 'Gluehwein' (mulled wine), domino stones, marzipan stollen and round cookies covered in chocolate. Not to forget, you also need the standard little snowman's, from Lindt. To give us the illusion of having snow here.

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