Sunday, May 30, 2010

day 9 - Bryce canyon to St. George Utah and meeting some new friends.

after another cold night in the tent I drove the last 2 miles to the park entrance, paid my 80$ fee for a national pass and parked the bike at sunrise point. Were I promptly encountered a person who managed to packed more stuff than me on a bike.

jasmine looks rather tiny next to the packed up 2008 KTM Dakkar. And the proud owner happily announced that he traveled from new jersey over 10k miles so far. I shall do the same, once I get a bike with a 5-6 gallon gas tank.

Anyway some picture from sunrise point, it was not that impressive.

but quite a view. Afterward I moved on too sunset point and went for a small 2 mile hike there and got some truly stunning pictures.

I even managed to run into some new friends at the sunset points and we took off to a ride together and they showed me some parts of utah I would not had seen otherwise.

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partly the roads were in pretty bad condition and so not that safe to begin with. But we managed all right and I was invited to spend the weekend with one and his family, which turns out to be a great weekend.

It also turned out that he has 14 different bikes... And his garage was quite a sight.

they even adjusted my new chain quick, since it got a bit loose after being just installed.

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