Friday, April 24, 2009

after testing several eReaders today with R.E.A.L eBooks (750 pages - 2000 pages) and not the standard 25 page example books on them, I sadly have to say...

- sony prs-505 is just to slow ( 4 seconds to turn a page? come on...)
- sony prs-700 is to shiny and expensive

now it looks like I'm ordering a kindle 2 to see how it works and in the worst case return it. But still 470$ for a stupid reading device, which will be replaced in 2 years.

- kindle: 359$
- protective cover: 44$
- drop it warranty: 70$

The good thing, I only hear awesome reports of the amazon customer service, but still I need to find one first to test it, before I buy it. Which means I'm going to buy books for 25$ for my montery trip.

Yes Ashley is working and I'm sitting at the beach reading. (And maybe renting a surfboard and chase sharks, or was it the other way around?)

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