Thursday, April 23, 2009

so right now it's between the sony prs-505 for 269$ or the kindle 2 + warranty for 410$ (It's fragile and if you drop it you kill it, so warranty is recommended since it refunds the money in case of drops, once...)

price wise it's obvious that the sony wins, but it only works under windows, which means I need to install windows now, if I intend to buy books.

Let's look at some books:

title: clive cussler mediterranean caper
paper back: 9.99
sony: 7.19
kindle: 7.19 9.99

title: Worlds without end
paper back: 13.86
sony: 11.99
kindle: 9.99 22.99

title: white fang
paper back: 3.99
sony: 0.99
kindle: 0.00 3.99

Now white fang is a nice example since it's a free book and can be downloaded at the gutenberg project.

Sony books can be only read on the sony eReader
amazon books can be only read on the kindle books can be read on both devices

Now I'm currently more interested in reading a lot of classics, which are free under the gutenberg project and to order books while traveling. It happens so often that I was on an airplane or at an airport and just wanted to grab another books, since I read all the other books. With the kindle I can just order it (If I'm in America) with the sony I need to connect to a laptop or so, but I can stock up before and have like 50 - 100 books before I go on the plane. So I could see the me using this feature once in a while.


I prefer the sony, a lot. Since it's smaller and has no keyboard. If they would produce a kindle without a keyboard, it would be perfect.

Subscriptions, it's possible to have newspaper subscriptions on the kindle, but you can write a program to generate your own newspaper based on websites for the sony, which would be free.

What would I like to have? The kindle, but why does it have to be so damn fragile...

What would be perfect? The sony ready with the connection to, since I do all my shopping over this store and frankly like it. Also the sony store is kinda weak on books...

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