Sunday, April 26, 2009

well this weekend we did the first real test with the car...

  • going to jack london national park
  • hitting the oil pan while parking, lesson: if you park next to a jetta, this thing is roughly 60 cm shorter than the passat, so don't measure the distance by it...
  • driving in berryessa with a tip tronic and a strong engine is a lot of fun, Ashley sitting next to me enjoyed it and felt safe. But the car feels extremly heavy in the curves and the back tends to push a bit to much for my liking
  • while passing other cars cops were more than happy to check my speed with there laser pistols for me, but did not pull me over. After all I was only slighlty faster than the speed limit and it was obious that I was passing a slower vehicle. You also could say I got lucky...
  • the average gas mileage over 250 miles was 23 mpg (10l/100km). Which was highway/city/hills
  • the dreaded check engine light came back on, right after I got gas again. I start to hate the electronical system in the passat.
now I really consider taking the passat to the race track on friday and get some track lessons and really learn how to handle this car.

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