Saturday, February 02, 2013

progress with the mini lathe

Now that I finally learned how to sharpen my lathe tool and after picking up any thicker wood (2-3") I can find for the last couple of months.
I managed to turn my first 'muddler' for mojitos.

Which is made from some ash and took about 3 hours of turning and sanding up to 600 grit. Still need to practice a lot more, since it still has some tool marks.

first real attempt at turning something

basil is keeping watch, that nobody touches my mojito
Next job, turning a new chair leg for our broken chair, once I find a 2-3x thick piece of oak somewhere and learn how to follow pattern.

I'm also making progress with turning baby rattles, now I just have to get the size right...
'little' baby rattle for my co-workers newborn. About 13 cm long, turned out of a single piece of ash.

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