Sunday, October 09, 2011

now that robin and I are finally getting settled and life calms a bit down, I have time write a bit in this blog again and so I have to fillin the last weeks, where nothing was posted.

Our current main form of entertainment is going beer tasting once or twice a week. Yes we downgraded from wine tasting to beer tasting.

This is mostly related to the fact that a litte shop opened in davis, called the Davis beer shop. Which has a huge selection of beers, from all over the world.

For example today we tried 'fruity' beers and there were surprisingly tasty

?,apple,cassis,strawberry,cherry beer

  1. Choulette Framboise - very refreshing
  2. Lindemans Pomme - interesting and incredible strong apple taste
  3. Lindemans Cassis - tasty, but very strong cassis taste
  4. Timmermanss Strawberry - tasty molded and undrinkable
  5. Lindemans Kriek - tasty and rather complex

We actually liked the cherry beer that much, that we ordered a whole bottle of it, which was a first.

and at 8$ a bottle a touch pricey. But definitely a better experience than last week the IPA tasting. Gosh these were so bad, it wasn't even funny.

IPA's - definitely not a fan

  1. Alaskan - drinkable 
  2. Mammoth - terrible
  3. Ale Smith - terrible 
  4. Caldera - terrible
  5.  Ranger - terrible

Obviously since I'm a german and trying to introduce robin to more german things, there was no way that we could skip the most important beer tasting.

The german beer tasting, which we did a couple of weeks ago. Needless to say, she loved most of it.

a selection of german beer

  1. Spaten Original
  2. Paulaner Hefe Weizen
  3. Ayinger Ur-Weisse
  4. Weihenstephaner Korbinian
  5. Reutberger Dunkel
But her favorite Beer so far, is Franziskaner Dunker - Weissbier. In as big as possible glasses... I might just have to pickup some dedicated Franziskaner beer glas for her in germany around christmas time.

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