Thursday, August 06, 2009

After I resisted buying the sigma DP-1, because of it's speed issues and slow autofocus, I really hoped that the Olympus digital pen provides what I want.

It sounded perfect:

- interchangeable lenses
- comes with a 17mm lens F/2.8 (equals 35mm) (my preferred focal length)
- fits in a pocket
- clean iso 1600+

but like always it works with contrast based focus system which means I'm not going to buy it, since the focus system is to slow.

Why couldn't they use a phase detection system, everything else was perfect...

I will never get a smallish camera which fits into my pocket. I could just go out and buy a 40mm manual focus pan cake, and the D80 fit's in my jacket pocket. But I already got a 35mm F/2 lens I love and don't need another one.

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