Sunday, July 19, 2009

so we are back in davis and I learned something new.

I seem to like camping and honestly after buying all this stuff I had no real choice. But yes it was a lot of fun.

lessons learned:

  • my stomach can't handle only dried fruit, I need fresh stuff too
  • contacts worked surprisingly well, but quite a hassle in the morning/midnight
  • getting the brightest light I could find was an awesome idea. I actually could see something in the dark
  • ebooks and rivers are a bad combination. Get a waterproof bag for it
  • camera and rivers are a really bad combination, I found some great spots and couldn't get there with the camera, get a waterproof bag...
  • using only 2 lenses was a great idea, 35mm F/2 and 90mm F/2.8 worked very well, but I could had used something in the 20mm range like this
  • buying the right equipment the first time was a really good idea, it was expensive but I will have it for years.
  • bringing a reflector instead of flashes was a great idea
  • putting water bottles in the sun for 2 hours => hot nearly boiling water
  • waterfalls => much colder than rivers => store beer here...
  • do not sleep on a slope...
  • lots and lots of trouts in the river => bring fishing pole next time
  • if you do rock climbing during the day => bring gloves to avoid burned hands...
whats next?
  • portland/oregon coast in 2 weeks
  • next year hawaii or yellowstone (once i got over my fear of wild animals eating me, like bears/pumas)
  • Yosemite in September?
  • Scotland in October?
  • discovering which food is the right food
  • bring more tea

Well this weekend was a bit expensive, since I had to buy all kinds of stuff, but it was a lot of fun and I wanted to get most of this stuff since a couple of years. At least now I have it and can take it on future trips.

I also managed to rent out my old apartment for the next month, not for the price I wanted. But 350$ are better than nothing.

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