Friday, July 17, 2009


well the plan for this weekend was to go camping, and ever endless tries to avoid It I caved in.

Means shopping time :(

Which made me realize yet again that it sucks to not fit the standard.

  • sleeping mattress, normal person : 40 - 45$, gigantic tall people like me 85$
  • flash light, people with good night vision: 15 - 25$, people who are more or less blind in the dark, 'sir yo should get the extra bright one', 55$
  • super small lightweight pillow and sleeping bag 180$ (the one I borrowed did not fit in the car and was to big to be hiked in.)

Other stuff I had to buy
  • a hat, 25$
  • a folding knife, 55$ (after negotiating 16$). I'm not going anywhere without a knife! I watched enough MCGyver to know this...
  • 2 x water canteens, 20$. After now people who went hiking with me know I freak out, if I have not enough water
  • bug spray 15$ and they still will bite me...
  • ultra portable pillow, 15$
  • compression bag, 25$
another quest was to get food, which won't perish during the next 72 hours, while being outside in 40 degrees Celsius+ (104 something in weird American Fahrenheit) and gives me my needed 3000+ kilo calories to sustain me.

Short another 40$.

And I still forgot a lot of stuff, I know me...

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