Sunday, November 09, 2008

well the workshop at Preston castle is done and it was just an awesome experience to work with so many photographers. Explain things to them, give them ideas what to do with the models when they felled unsure. Pointing out interesting lighting situations. And the best was that the instructors just let me do my thing, since I seemed to get it right more or less.
I did not had the chance to take many pictures and directed and assisted more.

Things like,

  • why don't we put her in the front of the window and you see how the sun shines over her shoulder and gives it this nice rim light effect? Now we put the reflector in front of her to bring her face on the same level.
  • or if we move these models about 3 feet more to the left, well this gives you less clutter in the background
It was also nice to see the differences between the models and how they acted around the photographs, how they got excited when people actually showed them the pictures they took. Just to treat them as humans and not as subject.

For me it was a great opportunity to work a day without a flash and rediscover the use of ambient light and a reflector. But for this you always need an assistant or be able to hold the camera with one hand very still. Which was my biggest issue, most of the pictures I took are blurry, since the flash did not freeze the motion and you really have to keep your shutter speed high.
And boy the D200 sucks above iso 400, it's just a nightmare an you loose all details in the eyelashes.

You can find the gallery of my pictures here

And here are the best shots from today,

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