Sunday, November 02, 2008

well I tried the first time to do some serious work with the D200 and I keep going back to the D80 since I just know it's so much better. The D200 is very different, but in the end I shot 400+ pictures with the D200 and only 150 pictures with the D80.
The 5 fps make a huge difference and I understand more and more how I can get the most out of my little speed lights.

Well 621 pictures to sort from the shot with kim today and I guess I end up with 50 pictures which I really like. Many are just underexposed (65 completly dark), since the speed lights could not recharge quick enough and I do not want to go over iso 200 - 250 if I can avoid it.

well we shall see...

Also the 17-55mm F/2.8, well I just don't feel the love and guess end up selling it very very soon. I bought this lens now twice and it just does not feel right for portraits. It was nice that I had never to change lenses and just could work with the two bodies.

But in future I put the 70-200 on the D200 and the 17-55 on the D80, since I use the first combination much more often.

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