Thursday, October 30, 2008


Originally uploaded by gert wohlgemuth
since i got my D200 last night and the 17-55mm F/2.8 on Monday and the westcott Apollo soft box today, well i had to play around with this and find a patient model.

May I present, mister 'J'

current impressions, the D200 is vey nice and has a lot of potential, but for quick shots and snapshots I will use the D80. You really have to use a preset white balance in case with the D200, since the auto white balance is pretty bad.
Also the ISO of the D80 is better than the iso of the D200, not that it makes much sense since they both use the same chip.

what's nice about the D200?

- no need to enter the menu, all features can be reached by a dedicated button
- fast, 5.6 frames per second
- the buffer holds 11 pictures and not 4 like the D80. Which basically means I can take 21 pictures in a row at full speed
- metering seems to be much more accurate
- 9 frame bracketing, I guess I play with HDR a bit

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