Saturday, November 08, 2008

And I finally managed to take some pictures of anamica. I just did not do her beauty justice, but maybe get another try in January. But I start to love the 17-55mm F/2.8 lens. It has some kind of unique look to it and I also start to prefer the D200 to the D80. It just works better except for high iso and shot's in the darkness. For some reason I got a lot of issues with sensor blooming.

The complete gallery can be found here

Now I just want two AB800, a large softbox + grid, a vagabond II battery pack and 5 cybersync receivers and 2 cybersync transmitters.

But this won't happen before I know that I stay in the US.

  • we are in a financial crisis
  • they don't work in Germany since they are 110V
  • I don't really want to lug them around, they are pretty heavy...

I will buy another appollo softbox for sure, the light it produces is just to nice and it works better than expected.

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