Friday, August 08, 2008

well this is going to be an interesting weekend, basically I'm going to practice shooting pictures for a small photo shoot with a friend on Monday.

And so far I pretty much decided that I want to use:

  • hard light
  • long shadows
  • black & white
and on the other hand
  • very soft light
  • some highlights on the wall, most likely snooted and colored
only issue I got, I maybe need a third flash (SB600/800/900) for this, which I don't really want to buy right now, since I spend so much money this year on this hobby.

Anyway most of the things I can do with two flash's, just the one thing is unsure.

this are some ideas:

mostly pretty hard and dramatic:

soft and should be pretty easy

well i will do a practice run on saturday evening with lindsay and see how it turns out.

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