Thursday, August 07, 2008

Today my 1.4 TC arrived + monopod and some other goodies. So I happily went outside and started snapping away to see how good it is. Well from 100 pictures not a single picture was usefull and the AF basically does not work anymore (only if you have extreme amount's of light). This seems to be a camera issue + tc + lens issue. And I'm not sure if it's related that the lens and TC are incompatible. Who sponsors me a D300 so I can compare it against another camera?

Anyway so I setup a small bunny with a SB600 to the left and to the right, use iTTL to save work and put the camera in aperature mode. This are the results of the 100% crops, and as we can see this combination is pretty sharp wide open a F/2.8 + 1 Stop and get's much better a F/8 + 1. At F/11 + 1 it get's worth again.

All pictures were shot with a D80, on a tripod at 200mm x 1.4, iso 100


F/2.8 + 1

F/4 + 1

F/5.6 + 1

F/8 + 1

F/11 + 1

So guess I have to try to figure out how to get some nice pictures now in nature. If I got enough time, than there is no problem to manual focus on the oject on my choice.

Well I'm saving for the 300mm F/4 anyway and that's why I bought the TC originally.

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